A Digital Tool for Teaching Science and Coding in Distance Education


Based on the experiences of science teachers working within our joint organizations and in the sphere of influence in the online training process, problems with a European dimension are found:

  • There is a need for reliable and observable tools that can be measured in the digital environment for science lessons.  
  • The theoretical knowledge gained in science lessons cannot be practiced in online lessons.

Therefore the concrete objectives of the project are:

  1. Develop a reliable, observable and feedback digital measurement tool in online science classes;
  2. To develop a virtual laboratory that can be used in a computer environment so that applied science lessons can be taught and projects for it can be developed;
  3. Establish Online Training Access Centers for students who cannot access the Internet and technological devices in order to ensure equal opportunities in education;
  4. Increase the level of technological literacy of teachers, students and parents;
  5. To develop robotics and coding skills in teachers and students and make them usable in science class.

The project aims to improve the quality and efficiency of online training in the fields of science and coding.

The tools to achieve this are:

  1. Produce digital content that can be used for application and assessment in science lessons (virtual lab, computer game for measurement);
  2. Analyze the scientific curriculum and produce new content for online education;
  3. Increase robotics and programming skills;
  4. Provide digital content that allows the student to practice/experiment in online education;
  5. To ensure equal opportunities in online education;
  6. To develop the technological literacy of teachers, students and parents are the activities planned to be carried out.  

These activities include 4 LTTs, 3 TPMs and dissemination activities to be carried out locally.

It is planned to produce two intellectual outputs as a result of the activities to be carried out.  

Our first intellectual output is a virtual lab that we will develop to be used in online science education. The virtual laboratory will enable students and teachers to use science tools,  robotic materials (sensor, card, etc.) and coding programs at the same time. For example, the teacher who wants to practice “the liquid pressure increases as the depth of the liquid  increases” on the pressure of the liquids will be able to perform activities by using the materials of containers, liquid and pressure sensors in a virtual environment. The virtual lab will  also provide the opportunity to develop projects to improve problem solving skills. Students will be able to design projects using robotic materials and science tools at the same time  and run their project in a virtual environment by coding and observe the results.  

Our second idea is the computer game that we will develop to measure the goals targeted in the distance science education process. In the game, questions will be asked about  “objectives” and points will be collected if the answers are correct. The game will be played under the teacher’s supervision and results can be obtained immediately. This game will  provide a fun and reliable measurement in online science education.

  • IO1 World of Science against CoVID
  • IO2 Virtual Science and Robotics Laboratory
  • ME videos

During the course of the project the individual activities and the progress achieved will be reported here.